In an effort to keep the Brethren, Widders, and children, safe during this unique time in history, the Chapter deemed it necessary to postpone the 2020 dedication and doins until next year (September 2021).

In other unfortunate words, there will be no dedication or doins this year.

The NGH, location in Mammoth, and monument won’t change, just the timing. We’ll have to drink twice as much next year to make up for it, which will be tough but we’ve never seen a Brother balk at a challenge.

To sum up:
Same drunken historical place. (Mammoth)
Same drunken historical party. (Jenny will be there too)
New drunken historical time. (Sept, 2021)

In the meantime, stay safe, sanitary, and healthy. If you’re able, please click here to feed know how hungry she gets.

We’ll get together soon when things are Satisfactory!